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About Rob Taylor

I am running for the Wisconsin US Senate seat in 2010 and along with the Constitution Party of Wisconsin looking to restore the principles that these United States were founded on.

So why am I running, why am I willing to take on such a huge challenge when I don’t have the big-time political arena experience or financial backing?  Why am I willing to be criticized because I belong to a third party?

So why am I running?

The answer is simple, the disregard for the principles on which our nation was established, the corruption of process, and the abuse of power in our nation’s capital are astounding to anyone who understands our history. I can’t stand by anymore without doing something about it and this campaign is the only legal means available to help bring us back on course.

I am asking the people of Wisconsin to look at the world around us, get angry, and to boldy embrace a person with true American values.

Elect a Statesman not a Career Politician

One who works for and represents the people with principle, honesty, and integrity.

My background:

BS Degree in Computer Information Systems – Tulane University – New Orleans, LA

Master Certification Software Quality Assurance – Villanova University

Two term Alderman City of Cumberland, WI – Currently

  • Sub-Chair Parks and Recreation.
  • Beaver Dam Lake Association.
  • Library Lake Restoration Sub-Committee.
  • Façade Committee – Revitalizing Wisconsin’s Downtowns.
  • Working on improving State Trail system for ATV use.

Two term Church Council President – Barronett Lutheran Church – Barronett, WI – Currently.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin – State Committee for the 7th District.

Thirty plus years as a Quality Assurance software engineer.

  • Project Manager – Team Lead
  • Budget Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Business Development
  • Crisis Management