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How YOU can Help:

I need your prayers, voice, and support.

Your prayers will help us fight on, your voice will lend a hand to get the message out and of course, any financial assistance will aid in defending the America that’s ours.

(Download this flier and spread it around.)

I will act on issues that are in the best interest of the United States and its citizens. We have to act. You know it and I know it!

I don’t want an AMERICA where our major industries, crippled by government mandates, taxes, and regulations, that are taxpayer-supported can no longer compete in the global marketplace.

I don’t want an AMERICA where all employers will be forced to hire and promote not according to ability but according to race, gender, and ethnicity — all in the name of “diversity”. Hire on qualifications, not quotas!

I don’t want an AMERICA where our once-great centers of finance, industry, culture, and innovation — from New York to the Silicon Valley — will have gone to seed, while only Washington, D.C., and its environs prosper.

I don’t want an AMERICA, where only politicians, government bureaucrats, and their favored constituencies are able to thrive — and where the only “liberty” that remains is the government’s unlimited freedom to control every aspect of your life.

Checks should be made out to:

Taylor for Office

P.O. Box 917

Cumberland, WI 54829

Federal law requires political committees to use their best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Federal law prohibits contributions to a political committee from:

  • the general treasury funds of corporations, labor organizations or national banks (including corporate credit cards);
  • any person contributing another person’s funds;
  • foreign nationals who lack permanent resident status; and
  • government contractors.

A political committee may accept contributions from minor children (i.e., persons under 18 years of age) if the minor makes the decision to contribute knowingly and voluntarily, and the child contributes his or her own funds, and the contribution is not controlled by another individual or made from the proceeds of a gift given to provide funds to be contributed.
Maximum contribution is $2300 for the primary and $2300 for the General election per individual. Both contributions can be donated during the primary with the understanding that the General contribution will not be spent until after the primary is over.