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Petition drive starts today-5 months to save liberty

I am asking all of our supporters to help get our campaign on the ballot. We have a lot at stake here and we need your help. By getting our campaign on the ballot we will be making history here in Wisconsin by showing the people that we have had enough of the parties. We want our republic and constitutional government back.

The campaign has been going strong now for one year and four months, I would dear say the longest in the race. During this time we have transverse Wisconsin traveling from town to cites carrying the message. We have gone to bat and supported important causes that will transform the state into what we the people desire from our government. But it isn’t over yet. I will be traveling to Oak Creek, WI on Wednesday to show support for the 94-year-old Earl Giefer. His farm is in the middle of an area the city has slated for redevelopment through a tax-incremental financing district. The city is considering using eminent domain because the farm could discourage development on neighboring land owned by Milwaukee-based Wispark LLC. Right, it sounds like a stab at taking away property rights to me.

As a three term elected city councilman for the City of Cumberland I am fighting very hard for property rights, including not using ED for stealing property and the fighting the new “smoking band”. It doesn’t matter if I am for smoking or not, it is the property and the right of the people who own it to do what they want on it, as long as what they are doing is legal. Smoking is still legal in Wisconsin, period.

We have seen what one major party is doing to us, by not inviting the campaign to their take over of the Tea Parties and their contacts in the media which seems not to notice us at all. But that’s OK and is somewhat expected. They fear us, for we are reaching each person in Wisconsin. We are able to do this because of you, the people, who want their constitutional government back. You want it back, you want to be representative by leaders that know what you are going through. You want leaders who are not buying their way into the race.

We are now five months away, and our campaign is still in the race. Please help us by getting signatures on the petitions. Just one person, who can get their spouse, voting age children, neighbors and friends to sign will make all the difference in a true campaign for liberty.

We haven’t ask for much in the way of funds, because we haven’t really needed it up to now. But the next five months will be the turning point of liberty and we could use your help today. Just a dollar could make all the difference of winning and losing. We have funding options on the web site here, on our

facebook fan page

, and now at


And there is even a drive to get us as a “write -in” for the Republican primary. You can see the fan page here.

We are strong and we are on the move. Help us to continue to bring the message of the Constitution Revolution to your town.

For liberty;

Rob Taylor

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