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The right thing

I had a decision to make this morning. Do I go down to the Republican convention and campaign or do I perform my job as a sitting city councilman and help ensure that jobs are brought into Cumberland. We have an airplane manufacture currently in Detroit that is looking at moving into Cumberland. We met with them all day yesterday and the meetings are to go on today. I decided as a person of principle that it would be better for the people of Cumberland that I stay here rather than go down and campaign. Despite any other candidate I AM an elected official and I have to do what is right for the people I represent at all costs. It is what I CAN do today, rather than what I MIGHT be able to do tomorrow.

One Response to “The right thing”

  1. James Chervenka says:

    You did the right thing. You are currently serving the people of Cumberland and they deserve the opportunity to have you look out for them first and offer them this potential new source of employment. This can only help your campaign and demonstrate you are a man of your word. Cumberland will benefit and Wisconsin as a whole if you succeed. As a lesser magistrate you must stand up for your people when the rest of the State and Nation is turning into a Socialist nightmare and vigorously trying to destroy their current lifestyles with misguided policy and doctrine.

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