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US Senate Candidate Rob Taylor calls for No Action on UN Treaties

For Immediate Release
May 18, 2010
Contact: Mark Gabriel / CPoW Public Relations / (920) 570-1679

US Senate Candidate Rob Taylor calls for No Action on UN Treaties

Cumberland, WI (May, 16, 2010)— Constitution Party candidate for US Senate Rob Taylor calls for a halt on all actions regarding treaties with the United Nations until after the November 2nd election and the installation of new senators is completed on January 2nd 2010. With grave concerns that the signing of the “Arms Ban” by Secretary of State Clinton and the current environment of our representing senators is a legal way around the 2nd Amendment, Taylor who is a three term elected city Alderman for the City of Cumberland, WI is calling for the senate to take no action on this or any other treaties with the UN until after the new senators are installed into the US Senate in January.

Taylor responded by saying “I am doing nothing more than requesting that the US Senate hold off on any debates about the arms ban or any other treaty actions until after the new senators are in office.” Taylor went on to say, “If I have to I will invoke the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine to ensure that the people of Cumberland and Wisconsin are given fair representation to these treaties. Being an elected official, whose responsibility it is to protect the people of Cumberland, I have that authority. I am asking that the other Lesser Magistrates around the state and the country join me in protecting their area of responsibility and demand that the Senate holds off on the treaty actions.” Taylor explained, “A Lesser Magistrate is an individual who is an elected representative for a geographical area; this includes Aldermen, Mayors, Township and county representatives to name a few. The Lesser Magistrate Doctrine came about as a means for representatives to protect their local people against the tyranny of the King of England and the destruction of the natural law of God. It was adopted and used by our founding fathers in their fight for a free country and the Constitution. That’s how old and stable the doctrine is.”

The Campaign to Elect Rob Taylor to Senate spokesperson, Mark Gabriel, mentioned “While Americans watched the oil spill, and heard about the failed terrorist bombing in New York; Hillary Clinton signed the small arms treaty in the UN. If this treaty is enforced, we could wake up one morning and find that the United States has prohibited firearm and ammunition manufacturers from selling to the public, this with no debate in the media, or votes in congress. The next treaty could easily be firearm confiscation. With Rob upholding these measures as a sitting magistrate, we can lessen the possibility that such a treaty could move forward.”


About Rob Taylor for US Senate
Cumberland, Wisconsin City Councilman, Rob Taylor is running for the US Senate seat in Wisconsin for the 2010 elections. He favors a policy of no federal restrictions on law abiding citizens as pertains to the Second Amendment. More information can be obtained at his website robtaylorforsenate.com and facebook fan page:

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