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I am retracting my support of the WI Raw Milk Bill (SB 434)

As reported in the examiner.com

US Senate candidate Rob Taylor today issues an apology to the farmers, raw milk consumers and his supporter. Taylor said “I must have been drinking milk treated with chemicals yesterday, for me to support this bill. I want to tell everyone that I am not in support of this bill as it stands. What I wanted to say that I am glad we have a bill moving in the direction of allowing raw milk sales and consumption.” Taylor went on to say that “everyone knows that I am a supporter of the local and small family farmers who produce raw milk and I am an advocate of the raw milk and honey movement and this bill has language in it that will destroy the farmers.”

In a phone interview yesterday, Taylor reported that “it is time for the people of Wisconsin to have the right to raw milk, honey and other food that they deem healthy.”Taylor is known to show up at the raw milk rallies, often speaking to the crowds. He has also supported people such as Max Kane in his fight to produce and sell raw milk.

Candidate Taylor asks that people will forgive him of this oversight, “I hope I can convince people that a mistake was made, that I am sorry about it, and I will move forward in getting it done right.” And he went on to say, “what Wisconsin needs in its state constitution is what Minnesota has in its constitution pertaining to the sale and production of raw milk.”

Taylor explained “the language in the bill requires a Grade A license in order to sell raw milk. In order to obtain this or any other license from the Department of Ag Trade and Consumer Protection you must comply with all other provisions of administrative code. The code mandates NAIS.” He further explained “farmers will have to choose to if they want the dairy license, and if so then they need to register their premises. This another move towards the Codex Alimentarius movement carried out by the USDA in approval of the WHO, and we have to stop it here.”

Again, he says, ” I am truly sorry for this mistake, and will show that I am indeed a supporter of the raw milk farmers and consumers.”

The hearing is schedule as follows:
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Chippewa Valley Technical College Room 106/Auditorium 620 West Clairemont Ave Eau Claire, WI 54701

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