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2/28 – Take Back the Tea Party

National Take Back the Tea Party Day Rally

Date: Sunday, February 28, 2010
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Eau Claire, WI – Phoenix Park


12:15 Taylor/Krsiean/Other Press Conference
12:45 Final Prep
1:00 Krsiean American Anthem/ Opening Prayer/Initial Remarks, Agenda
1:10 Rob Taylor US Senate Candidate, WI
1:20 Max Kane Raw Milk
1:30 Tim Dake Grandsons of Liberty
1:40 Dave Olson Open Carry – 2nd Amendment
1:50 Open Mic
2:00 Krsiean US House Candidate, WI3
2:10 Larry Gamble Oath Keepers
2:20 Shane Hansen Eau Claire Tea Party
2:30 Jerry Neilsen FairTax
2:40 Georgia Janisch GOOOH- Get Out Of Our House
2:50 Open Mic
3:00 Taylor Closing

The Tea party movement is one composed of the common working people currently being taxed and regulated in a way that would make the founding father’s blush.  We gather together to say enough and if the government will not hear and respond appropriately to our grievances we have the will to turn up the heat.  Aside from that, we gather together today to specifically say we are vehemently opposed to the idea that the GOP can envelop and digest the movement to further its own self-serving, and Constitutionally  challenged ways.  We reject this idea and are here today to reassert our independence. Today, yet in the cold of winter and snow, we set the stage for continued grass-root independent momentum and growth for this upcoming year.  We look forward very much to the November elections and are confident the Marxist leaning representatives currently in congress will regret the day they turned their backs and laughed at the Constitution and our grievances.”

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