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Health care

This is going to be the biggest defining issue of our time. The spending alone will make it so, not to mention the intrusion on your rights. As a member of the Constitution Party, I oppose the government intrusion of American medicine. Government regulation and subsidy constitutes a threat to both the quality and availability of patient-oriented health care and treatment. Hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers should be accountable to patients – not to politicians, insurance bureaucrats, or HMO Administrators. If the supply of medical care is controlled by the federal government, then officers of that government will determine which demand is satisfied. The result will be the rationing of services, higher costs, poorer results – and the power of life and death transferred from caring physicians to unaccountable political overseers. I denounce any government entity using personal characteristic to preclude people and insurance firms from freely contracting for medical coverage and drafting such people into socialized medicine. The federal government has no Constitutional provision to regulate or restrict the freedom of the people to have access to medical care, supplies or treatments. I affirm freedom of choice of practitioner and treatment for all citizens for their health care.  Look at public housing and tell me you want the same government management for your health care.

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