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The bailout

We all know the history by now of how we got here. But Federal government is limited to protecting life and property – not providing it in the form of welfare or bailouts. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the Federal government the right to spend your money on bailing out institutions because of policy mismanagement. However since we do have this issue I believe that we should design a plan that will: not salvage Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, does NOT bail out those who borrowed above their ability to pay, not create a government owned lending business, should include selling off all of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s assets, which should go to paying off their debts, have no attachments or earmarks that do not pertain to the problem at hand and most of all be openly explained and presented to the public before it is voted on, so that Congress and the Senate can hear feedback from their constituents first.

(What I stand for…)

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