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We the people of Wisconsin have to act. Politics as usual, by both Democrats and Republicans, is not working. In fact it’s growing dangerously out of control.  When a bill can be passed into law without even being read, then something is terribly wrong.

Our current so called representatives of both parties are not listening to us.  They are turning their backs on God and trampling on the US Constitution. They are taking the government away from We The People.

If you are concerned about the direction we are headed, then read on…

I believe the American people are waking up are beginning to realize that it’s time for principles over party!

I feel that with the practice of only two parties controlling our government for so long has most people in America in a state of what I call “party blindness”. It seems that voting for the party is more important than the person or their principles.

We need

  • Someone who knows what it’s like in the real world and not just the ways of the beltway in Washington. DC (i.e. District of Corruption).
  • Someone who knows that the Constitution dictates what is the Federal Government, not political theory or party agendas.
  • Someone who knows that our representatives work for us, the citizens of the United States.
  • Someone who knows what it’s like to work two jobs,
  • Someone who understands the struggle to send children to college,
  • Someone who knows what it is like to shoulder the burden of never ending taxes, as well as the credit and debit mess in this country…

In Wisconsin, that someone is me.

I am running for the Wisconsin US Senate seat in 2010. Along with the Constitution Party of Wisconsin, (yes another party), I am looking to restore the principles that these United States were founded on.

We need to get back to the basics of the Constitution and point this country accordingly. Our future generations depend upon what happens now.

Learn the Constitution and vote the best American in, not just a Democrat or Republican.

By doing so, we can energize America to get this country back to what our forefathers meant for it to be and what they fought for it to be. We’re going to show that the Constitution is our law and is what we live by. The country needs us at this time in history. We need to give the people real choice, real meaning, and real solutions. Something we haven’t seen for so many years.

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  1. says:

    Your posts make you sound like a man that believes that the government should be chained by the constitution, not the constitution chained by the government. You’ve got my vote. You should have a facebook page I can become a fan of. If you do, I don’t see a link to it on this webpage. You should also be on twitter to promote your candidacy. Social media is a big way for people to learn about other people, and people need to learn about people like you who love freedom, liberty, truth, justice, and the American way, and they need to know that you can represent them and these ideals in the U.S. Senate!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Marty!

    Rob’s webmaster here … we’re in the process of putting a Facebook page up and a Fan Box on this site. There were some basic “walk before you can run” web issues that needed to be addressed, so now that those are all in order it’s time to start adding the social networking.

    Thanks for the interest – please subscribe to RSS or the e-mail updates so you know when we have more to offer!

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